Snorkel   Aerial Lifts

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Articulating,  Electric &  Telescopic Boomlifts,

Trailer mounted Boomlifts,

Personnel lifts & The Pop Ups (the ultimate time saver) 

 – The Pop Ups in-action > (video)

The SNORKEL line of Aerial Lifts:  (Overview Video)


Scissor lifts & Rough Terrain Scissor lifts  (Electric & Diesel): 

Scissor Lifts                Scissor Lifts                               

Articulating Boom lifts (Electric, Diesel & LPG):

 Articulating lifts   Articulating lifts


Electric Boom Lifts: 

Electric Boom Lifts   Electric Boom Lifts  Electric Boom Lifts


Check out this video of Snorkel’s A38E:  (Electric 38 foot Articulated boom lift)


Telescopic Boom lifts (Diesel & LPG):

Telescopic Boom Lifts     Telescopic Boom Lifts 


Trailer Mounted (Towable) (Articulated Boom Lifts & Scissor lift):

Trailer Boom Lifts     Trailer Boom Lifts 

Check out this video of Snorkel’s TL37: (Electric 37 foot Articulated Towable boom lift)


Personnel Lifts:  Vertical Mast 

Personnel Lifts   Personnel Lifts 


POP-UP (ECO) Line:     

Better than a ladder, more versatile than scaffolding

(See the POP UP video below)

 Pop-Up       Pop-Up 

Checkout the New POP-UP (ECO line) in this video:

SPECIFICATION sheets available on all models.

Please call 888-468-9715 and ask for SALES or fill out the Contact form.

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