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GSA Contract# GS-07F-0426U,   CAGE: 4UEU8

Alden Equipment, Inc

proudly offers our Government Customers the following products

via our GSA Schedules:  (as listed on GSA Advantage):

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Forklifts (TELEHANDLERS, electric, LPG, diesel, rough terrain, narrow aisle, truck mounted)

Aerial Lifts (scissor lifts, rough terrain, telescopic, articulating, trailer mounted, personnel lifts)

– Warehouse Equipment (docklevelers, dock plates & dockboards)

Batteries & Chargers (36Volt, 48Volt & 80 Volt motive power)

Accessories (Yard ramps, forks, and cylinder cages)

Forklifts:  (CLICK any manufacturer or Photo below)

Narrow Aisle (FLEXI articulated warehouse forklifts) Flexi

Tailift (LPG, Diesel, and electric ride-on forklifts)  Tail Lift (3000 to 22,000 lb. capacities)

(Not all models on contract)

Xtreme Manufacturing (Telescopic  Rough Terrain Forklifts)    (5,900 to 70,000 lb. capacities) 
Rough Terrain Forklifts Rough Terrain Forklifts

Aerial Lifts: 

Aerial Lifts  Aerial Lifts  Aerial Lifts  Aerial Lifts  Aerial Lifts

SNORKEL:  Visit the Snorkel  Products Showroom  (Not all models on contract)

Scissor lifts & Rough Terrain Scissor lifts

Articulating Boom lifts (Electric, Diesel & LPG),

Telescopic Boom lifts,

Trailer Mounted (Articulated Boom Lifts & Scissor lift),

Personnel Lifts

Warehouse Equipment

KOKE  (Not all models on contract)

Docklevelers : Docklevelers Docklevelers

Dock Plates / Dock Boards : Dock Boards    Dock Boards


Forklift Batteries & Chargers  (Not all models on contract)

BBI (Battery Builders Inc)  MOTIVE POWER:

Batteries & Chargers  Industrial Batteries and Chargers Batteries & Chargers



Portable Yard Ramps (KOKE):

  Yard Ramps

Forks (KOKE):



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