Jan-San Floor, Concrete Polishing, Resurfacing Equipment & Supplies 
JAN/SAN Equipment:   Aztec Visit our AZTEC page NEW PRODUCT:  The REFRESHER Refresher   Refresher FLOOR MAINTENANCE:   Daily Maintenance: (CLICK photos for more information) Lowrrider Proscrub LOWRIDER Burnisher  PROSCRUB Wet Scrub & Dry Vacuum Stripping & Waxing:  (Sidewinder Smart Work System) (CLICK photos for more information) Liquidator Sidewinder Edgewinder   Guzzler Grand Finale LIQUIDATOR,  SIDEWINDER, EDGEWINDER, GUZZLER,  and  GRAND FINALE  Checkout the SIDEWINDER WORK SMART SYSTEM VIDEO BELOW Concrete Grinding & Polishing: (CLICK photos for more information) Ultra Grind Ultra Edge Ultra Vacan   Concrete ULTRAGRIND ULTRAEDGE   ULTRAVAC    Karcher


Karcher Karcher Karcher Karcher CALL FOR OPTIONS:  888-468-9715 INFORMATION SECTION:   The REFRESHER:    (CLICK photo to download brochure)   RefresherRefresher

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 FLOOR MAINTENANCE:  Daily Maintenance:(CLICK photos for more information) LowriderLowrider Proscrub  Proscrub 

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 Stripping & Waxing:  (Sidewinder Smart Work System)  (CLICK photos for more information) Liquidator    Liquidator  SidewinderSidewinder  Edgewinder  Edgewinder  Guzzler    Guzzler Grand Finale Grand Finale 

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Concrete Grinding & Polishing: (CLICK photos for more information)   Ultragrind Ultragrind Ultragrind CLICK ABOVE to check out our website for ULTRAGRIND news  Ultraedge  aria-label=”Ultraedge”Ultraedge  Ultravac  Ultravac

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Equipment to help keep your facility clean and disinfected

Alden Equipment has been deemed an ESSENTIAL Business.

“Alden Equipment, Inc. through its DLA contracts supplies the U.S. military with
supplies used to sustain military operations and maintain military readiness.  There would be an adverse impact on the U.S. military if Alden Equipment, Inc. is unable to perform its contracts due to personnel limitations resulting from COVID-19 restrictions.” – DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)

Alden Equipment is working hard to prevent exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We aim to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers as well as provide for the health and safety of our employees. We are practicing safe handling and care with all of our inbound & outbound shipments to ensure that all of the products are sanitized keeping both our employees and customers safe.

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