FLEXI Articulated

Electric Forklifts

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Narrow Aisle articulated forklifts

  Electric articulated forklifts

  designed for narrow aisle

  applications but can be

  used throughout the

  warehouse and to load &

  unload trucks and trailers.

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The Flexi is a conventionally styled forklift.

It’s an easy to drive 4-wheel forklift with

100% of power to both front wheels at all times,

and is capable of working in about half the aisle

width compared to a conventional forklift.

In fact, the Flexi is designed to operate in an aisle

as narrow as 3 feet plus the depth of the pallet.

The Flexi is capable of picking both sides of the

aisle from either direction, and can be used 

throughout the warehouse and to unload trucks

at the dock.  If a user is currently using a reach

truck or conventional forklift in their warehouse

operation, using a Flexi will normally allow them

to significantly decrease their aisle widths;

normally the aisle widths can be decreased by 

25-40% when compared to reach trucks and

conventional forklifts.  This allows you to add

additional rows of racking in the same footprint.

Simply stated, the Flexi let’s you store

more, in less space, at a lower cost.

The savings are real and result

in a rapid return on investment.


Flexi Storage

 Flexi lifts        Flexi lifts     Flexi lifts

FLEXI: general information Video:


FLEXI gets it done in a 7 foot aisle!

FLEXI: technical information Video:

 Flexi: Operational Video:

FLEXI AC Models:

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  • 2,900lb capacity
  • 72″ aisle width

        VNA AC 

        (Click PHOTO for spec sheet)

        EURO AC:

        • 3,750lb capacity
        • 78″ aisle width

        EURO AC

        (Click PHOTO for spec sheet)

        AC 1200:

        • 4,400lb capacity
        • 84″ aisle width

        AC 1200

        (Click PHOTO for spec sheet)

        HILOAD AC:

        • Up to 5,500lb capacity
        • 84″ aisle width

        HILOAD AC

        (Click PHOTO for spec sheet)

        HIMAX AC:

        • 5,500lb capacity
        • 84″ aisle width
        • over 40 feet lift height

        HIMAX AC

        (Click PHOTO for spec sheet)


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