DLA HEPP Contracts

Alden Equipment, Inc

proudly offers our Government Customers the following products

via our DLA HEPP (Heavy Equipment Procurement Program) Contracts:

Narrow Aisle

Flexi Forklifts 

Contract# SPE8EC-16-D-0001 

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 Flexi Forklifts    Flexi Forklifts   Flexi Forklifts

  • AC electric articulated forklifts
  • Capacities from 2,900lbs to 5,500lbs
  • With lift heights to 42 feet
  • Work in aisle widths as small as 72″



Industrial Forklifts

Contract# SPE8EC-16-D-0009

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  Industrial Forklifts   Industrial Forklifts   Industrial Forklifts

Electric, LPG (Propane) and Diesel Industrial forklifts

  • Capacities from 3,000lbs to 22,000lbs
  • Various mast, fork, and tire options
  • Open or fully enclosed cab options
  • Various attachment options
    • Including hydraulic
      • sideshifter
      • fork positioner
      • or both



Aerial Lifts

Contract# SPE8EC-16-D-0011

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  Aerial Lifts      Aerial Lifts    Aerial Lifts   Aerial Lifts

Electric, Diesel Dual Fuel, and Bi-energy AERIAL LIFTS

  • Boom lifts: 12 foot to 126 foot elevations
    • Telescopic, Articulated, Mast boom
    • Electric, diesel, propane, dual fuel
    • Warehouse, hard surface, and rough terrain
  • Scissor lifts: slab electric, bi-energy, and rough terrain
  • Personnel Lifts: electric & push-around
  • Many custom options to choose from
    • including fall arrest, aircraft soft touch, sand blast package
  • Productivity packages
    • including generator, air line, welder package, glazier package

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Alden Equipment has been deemed an ESSENTIAL Business.

“Alden Equipment, Inc. through its DLA contracts supplies the U.S. military with
supplies used to sustain military operations and maintain military readiness.  There would be an adverse impact on the U.S. military if Alden Equipment, Inc. is unable to perform its contracts due to personnel limitations resulting from COVID-19 restrictions.” – DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)

Alden Equipment is working hard to prevent exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. We aim to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers as well as provide for the health and safety of our employees. We are practicing safe handling and care with all of our inbound & outbound shipments to ensure that all of the products are sanitized keeping both our employees and customers safe.

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