Continental Tires

Although we can provide almost any tire requirement,

Alden features CONTINENTAL Industrial Tires:

Continental Industrial Tires Lift Up Your Business!

Overview film: Continental gets the job done!


Rubber tires Continental has been making rubber products since 1871


  Pneumatic tires and making pneumatic tires since 1901. 


Pioneered tires  Continental has pioneered tire innovations including

                                the invention of the detachable rim for sedans in 1908.


Continental makes some the finest and longest lasting tires for vehicles of all makes and models.

Featured Continental tires:

IC40 Extra Deep: IC40 Extra Deep (Available in 8″, 9″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ rim sizes)

IC 40 Video:  160 tires, 700 tons, the IC40 gets the job done…

MPT 70E: MPT 70E (Available in 18″ rim size)


MPT 80: MPT 80 (Available in 20″ rim size)


MPT 81: MPT 81 (Available in 16″ & 20″ rim sizes)

MPT 81 Video:

Alden Equipment can handle all of your industrial tire requirements.


Need other types or sizes of tires?

OR need non-marking tires, we can get those for you too!

Only need a Non-marking tire for a short time?   You can use our TIRE SOCKS.

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